The Weaning Masterclass 2024

Nurturing the foundations of family food.

Based on 15 years professional experience, 6 years delivering my classes live and 12 years as a Mum, The Weaning Masterclass is the only resource you need when it comes to starting solids.

What have others said?

I completed the weaning masterclass with Cathy and she took all my stress and worry away! Hadn’t a clue where/how to start but she broke it down in a very realistic and simple way that made complete sense. I’ve emailed with questions after and she promptly replies, just a fabulous course and service I highly recommend! Thanks Cathy

Elaine August '23

Hands Up If:

You're a tired, time poor parent.

You want your baby to enjoy the same foods you do.

You worry you're doing things all wrong and you really don't want to mess up starting solids.

You'd love to crave out sometime for yourself & not waste time (or money) cooking separate meals.

Environmentally you'd rather not buy unnecessary stuff.

Basically you just wish someone will tell you what to do and how to do it. You are not alone!

And you deserve the tools and resources to help you wean with confidence.

I am here to help!

Get 12 Months Access to 5 stress reducing videos modules, broken into bite sized pieces!

I have developed the course I couldn’t find, with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. The lessons take only a few minutes to watch, and each one includes practical, implementable examples as well as pdf downloads & cheat sheets.

What is included?

Module 1

Before you start.

Don’t just jump in, take a little time to plan you journey and think about what you want to achieve. Learn what you need to buy and what you don't!

Module 2

The Why, What, When of starting solids

Start solids with confidence, when, why & with what?

Module 3

Digestion, Needs and Nutrients

Understand requirements and portions and move on and offer meals with confidence.

Module 4

Introducing Allergen’s

The how and when of introducing allergens with checklists along the way.

Module 5

Specific Situations

Food refusal, constipation, baby food, gagging v choking and more..

So much more... You will be invited to a free monthly live zoom call with me. Upon registration you will receive the calendar invite to join each live.

FREE Monthly guest speaker webinars, where registered health professionals share their expertise on maternal and child health and development.

AND surprise bonuses throughout the year!

Feel Better about starting solids.

I will show you that weaning doesn’t have to be complicated or complex.

You will come away feeling confident, relaxed and ready for weaning!


Is the cost redeemable from health insurance?

Yes, please ask us for a health insurance receipt.

Do you offer discounts?

If you purchase The Weaning and Toddler Masterclass Bundle or a Masterclass and a 1:1 Consultation bundle, you get a discount.

Is the class live?

The class is delivered in 32 bite sized videos that I recorded specifically with you in mind. Each section also has pdf resources and cheat sheets that you can download. I moved from a live class to an online course with monthly live calls last June.

Can I gift the course to a friend?

Yes absolutely, please email me and I will arrange that for you.

What age is the course for?

The Weaning Masterclass is specifically designed for your baby up until around 1 year. You don't have to wait until your baby is ready for solids to start watching, start watching when you are ready to start learning!

How long do I have access for?

You have access for 12 months from the date of purchase/ enrolment.

Can I download the course videos?

Videos are available for streaming only.

Are there downloadable resources?

Yes! I have created downloadable resources and checklists that you can stick on your fridge!

I have immediate questions related to when to start/ what to start with / portions / food refusal/ introducing allergen's / constipation / and other weaning things. Can you help?

Yes! You can submit a question under each video and I will get back to you directly or you can come along to the monthly meet up!

What's in the course that's not available on your Instagram?

SO MUCH! I love instagram but I feel very limited in what I can put up. I couldn’t possibly explain everything in the detail that it needs. The Weaning Masterclass is a private, safe place for discussion backed by science!

How is it different / better than other courses?
As a registered Paediatric Dietitian I have spent nearly 20 years seeing the consequences of parents being given the wrong information. Well meaning experts, sharing well meaning opinions… my frustration led me to create this course especially for YOU! 

My course is designed to help YOU feel confident and empowered all on your own (but I am still here for you!)

The reviews are in!

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