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Struggle to whip up healthy, tasty lunches for the kiddos before the school bell rings? You're not alone! This course dives into the nitty-gritty of preparing nutritious, easy-to-pack meals that will have the little ones racing to the lunch tables. We'll cover everything from the basics of balanced diet principles to time-saving food prep hacks. Not only that, but we also sprinkle in some food safety tips to keep those meals fresh and safe until lunchtime.

What you will learn

I started this course with one clear goal in mind: to make your mornings smoother and ensure you're fueling your school day with nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals. I've poured my passion for healthy eating and practical kitchen hacks into crafting each lesson, thinking about what would be most helpful for someone just starting out. What you'll find here is a treasure trove of time-saving tips, meal planning strategies, and even some food science to help you understand how to keep your meals safe and delicious until lunchtime. By the end of this recording you'll not only have a repertoire of great meal options but the know-how to whip up quick, balanced eats.


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I’m Cathy, a Mum of 3 with over 15 years experience in Children’s Health Ireland @ Temple Street.

I’m Cathy, a Mum of 3 with over 15 years experience in Children’s Health Ireland @ Temple Street. As a registered senior Paediatric Dietitian I know how valuable it is to introduce families to the nurturing foundations of food before any problems begin.

My purpose is to support parents as they transition through the phases and stages of feeding their family. As a senior Paediatric Dietitian my work is dedicated to educating, empowering and enabling parents to feed their children what they need without unnecessary cost, time, tantrums or guilt.

I created to allow all parents access to evidenced based essentials on how to feed your babies, toddlers and families to minimise illness, concern, battles and overwhelm. This isn’t about should or shouldn’t it’s about creating a positive lifelong relationship with food, as a family. Working with me is not about the weight of our children, it’s about reducing the weight of motherhood on our shoulders to get it right 100% of the time.