Weaning.ie is a telenutrition business established in 2016 by Cathy Monaghan, a Senior Paediatric Dietitian with Children's Health Ireland (Temple Street). The aim being to provide parents with experienced, regulated and evidenced based nutritional support.

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"I would be absolutely lost without Cathy's weaning masterclass! I was so confused before I did it, as there is so much information on the Internet about the do's and don'ts of weaning. Thankfully, I came across weaning.ie and got all my questions answered in the 2 hour course. Cathy is so knowledgeable and to the point and breaks the topic into manageable chunk so it's extremely easy to absorb. I'm very glad I did the course and now I have a little boy who actually likes eating broccoli 😉 thanks to veg first weaning!"

- Kat, Athlone.

The Weaning Masterclass Membership!

Weaning is day one but the relationship we begin with food at home lasts a lifetime. My Weaning Masterclass takes you from getting ready for solids to your baby’s first birthday.

The Toddler Masterclass Membership!

Are you worried your toddler isn’t eating enough? Do you long for relaxed family meals? Do you know your parental feeding style? Is is helping or hindering at mealtimes?

1:1 Consultations

We help children of all ages.

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I’m Cathy, a Mum of 3 with over 15 years experience in CHI @ Temple Street.

As a senior Paediatric Dietitian I know how valuable it is to introduce families to the nurturing foundations of food before any problems begin.

My purpose is to support parents as they transition through the phases and stages of feeding their family. As a senior Paediatric Dietitian my work is dedicated to educating, empowering and enabling parents to feed their children what they need without unnecessary cost, time, tantrums or guilt. Why? Because weaning is the foundation of nurturing a lifelong positive relationship with food.

Monthly Guest Speakers

You will be invited to attend these talks by email. For more information on each speaker please see here.

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